Paying Online

We are currently trialling online payments for certain services.  Only those who have been asked to pay online should currently use this page to make those payments until it becomes more generally available.

Pay online for…


In Trial
Annual Fee Set at £10.
Pay for your annual registration here.


In Trial.
Pay your £50 deposit for your party booking here.


Not Yet Available.
To pay for club services please pay here

With Cash

You can always come into the building and pay with cash in the traditional manner. However it does help our administration costs if you can pay online. We also ask that if we are in a period of Government lockdown that, for your safety and ours, you do not come into the building

By Cheque

For payments by cheque please come into the main building and we will process this directly. Please remember we prefer that you pay online where possible. During period of Government lockdown we ask that you do not attend the office personally.

Give Online

We always welcome donations and encourage you to donate online at our giving page.