Running an organisation like ours takes the spirit and energy of people who can truly contribute to society and have the time and capacity to commit to our aims.  Is that you?  We hope so.  Volunteer with us here…

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We have put together a few questions to help you understand if you are right for our kind of organisation.  These have been compiled from years of experience in recruiting volunteer help for Bright Sparks.  The outcome is a guide only and we do still encourage you to talk with us, visit our playgroup location, and get a true sense of what you could do to assist us.


Are you able to commit to a few hours volunteering a week to Bright Sparks?

Do you have a key skill that would be of use to Bright Sparks?

For example prior experience with children and young adults with complex needs, or administrative support or writing newsletters and press releases. Perhaps you have management experience that can contribute to our decision making. Maybe you have grant funding experience. We are happy to consider all skills and talents.
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At least 16 years of age (15yrs if still in education)?

Able to commit to regular support over a sustained period

Able to pass a Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) check or Disclosure as appropriate?

Able to provide satisfactory references?

Willing to work to Bright Sparks policies and procedures, especially Health and Safety, Child Protection and Equalities?

BSPG Volunteer Assessment
You are probably a perfect fit for us so please get in touch as soon as you can!

Your responses have indicated that you are a good match for volunteering with us. This is based on our experience with previous volunteers and their time with us.
You certainly have some of the key qualities so let's talk about what happens next.

Many of your reponses align to what we are looking for but let's talk to make sure we are right for you and you get the most out of a volunteering opportunity.
We appreciate anyone who is willing to support us and whilst many of your responses indicate you may not find volunteering with us a perfect fit we are more than happy to talk further about what we have available and how you can assist.

It looks like you are ineligible to help us due to your age or ability to gain the required clearances.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss why this was the case and so that we can explain this key eligibility requirement

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